5k Training Plan – Week One Video


For many reasons, running a 5K race is a popular goal for people who strive for a more active life. For one, it provides a fun, social environment to make your workout more enjoyable. Secondly, it is achievable by anyone, yet is a great challenge for even the most experienced runners.

This comprehensive 5K Training Plan( exercise, nutrition and recovery) will give you all of the information you need to get you running your first 5K race in just 5 weeks. We have organised it based on three ability levels – beginner, for someone who’s never run before; intermediate, for someone who is moderately active; and advanced, for someone who considers themselves fairly active and is looking to improve his or her fitness and running time.

The “5 Weeks to 5K” program utilises the basics of periodisation training, which is one of the most established and time tested training methods in the sports world. By systematically increasing your training load and allowing for necessary rest to promote muscle adaptation, you will gradually build fitness in a sustainable way. Unlike most programs, we want you to avoid starting out too fast. Our goal is to get you race-ready without becoming mentally frustrated, physically tired or, even worse, injured.

Phase 1 on the 24 Fit Workout program covers stability where the body is hardened against injury. This involves the use of light weights and other exercises to strengthen all the little “helper muscles” around the joints, which, along with a lot of stretching insures that each joint is functioning properly.

Key focuses when training to run a 5K:

1 . Joint Stability – 24FIT Workout DVDs

2. Running Schedule – View 5k Training Plan on Our Facebook Page

3. Strength Training – 24FIT Workout DVDs

4. Nutrition – View 5k Training Plan on Our Facebook Page

Week 1 Notes

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