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Work Hard On Stretching, Recovery and Injury Prevention

The basic premise of all well designed exercise programs is the progressive overload principle. Fitness must be “pushed” from below, i.e. starting slow and progressing to harder workouts slowly. The periodisation model used by 24Fit builds your fitness up with a stair step series of methodical, progressive challenges and recoveries that strengthen your body and keep brain and brawn fresh.

Everyone knows how to work hard — it’s those who work equally hard on stretching, recovery, and injury prevention who reach their highest genetic potential in sport and in health. Sequence is key. The science shows that you have to properly sequence your training to develop one aspect of fitness at a time and then use that as a foundation to build the next. Build a broad base of aerobic infrastructure and musculoskeletal resiliency before adding more intense workouts. What is called periodisation training.

There are 3 phases each of 8 weeks:

Phase 1 – Stability.
Phase 2 – Strength.
Phase 3 – Power.

Phase 1 is about establishing stability throughout every part of your body. Thats Spine and Pelvic Stabilization, Shoulder Stabilization and Total Body Integration. By the time you’ve completed Phase 1, you’ll not only have improved posture and joint health, but your body will also be properly prepared for the strength and power workouts to come in Phases 2 and 3.

Stop The Insanityworkout-insanity

Every day we see more extreme “fitness programs” advertised with high-intensity workouts and volumes of work that even my elite athletes would never hold up to. And every day, we see the injuries in the clinic that define these workouts as ill-designed, dangerous, and unsustainable. What most recreational athletes and fitness buffs don’t realize is that elite athletes spend more than half of their time in the gym on injury prevention, and the rest of the time on performance enhancement. Safe and effective stretching and injury prevention workouts might not be spectacular to watch, but they allow athletes to work harder at their sport and in the gym on performance enhancement.” Robert Forster – Physical Therapist to 42 Olympic Medalists, NBA and Grand Slam Champions and Member of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness.

Get ready! Armed with a bulletproof fitness programme and solid science based nutrition you’ll get great results..

Cristiano Ronaldo Enjoys a Herbalife Shake

In the competitive world of professional sports, good nutrition can be a key advantage. Cristiano Ronaldo believes that good nutrition is essential for fueling athletes. That’s why the 2013 FIFA Ballon D’Or winner joined forces with Herbalife to promote great nutrition and an active lifestyle for people of all activity levels.

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5K Training – Week 3

5k-training-plan-week3-485KEY TRAINING CONCEPTS

Running a 5K requires you to be able to cover 3.1 miles on your feet.
Runs will gradually increase in length to build you up to this distance.

Runners doing the advanced plans start to see intervals in Week 3.
This trains the body to sustain higher workloads for longer.
Interval training also helps train the mind to deal with higher intensity effort.
Interval training enhances the bodys lactic acid threshold.
Now is the time to run hard when prescribed, and rest when prescribed.


Both carbohydrate and protein play a key role in recovery.
Timing of recovery nutrition is key to maximizing muscle repair.
Skipping post-workout recovery is not a way to increase fat loss / weight loss.

While working out, muscles experience damage and breakdown.
Protein helps repair and rebuild damaged muscle.
Athletes have higher protein needs than the average person.
Protein keeps you full so you dont reach for comvenience foods after exercise.

Amino acids are individual units that make up proteins.
Essential amino acids must be consumed through our diet for proper body function.
Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength and Rebuild Endurance contain essential amino acids.

Target about 1-2 g of protein per kg of body weight per day – that’s 75-150 g of protein for a 150 lb person per day.

Full recovery requires both carbohydrate and protein.
Protein helps rebuild muscle.
Carbohydrate helps replenish glycogen, one of your body’s fuel sources depleted during exercise.
Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength contains a combination of protein and carbohydrate for enhanced recovery.

Your body is primed to absorb nutrients immediately after a workout, so it’s best to consume recovery nutrition as soon as possible after you finish your workout – ideally within 30 minutes

Herbalife24 Rebuild Strength
Yogurt with fruit
A chicken burrito with rice and beans
A Formula 1 shake with milk and fruit


See more details, on the 5k Training Schedule and Plan on facebook.