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Best Fat Burning Exercise?

You main goal should be to teach your body to burn fat. The human body can only utilize fat or carbohydrate for energy. Like a car that runs on premium versus regular, the fuel you put in your body ultimately affects the efficiency and output of your body.

Unless you are running quickly away from a lion, any long, sustained energetic effort requires fat as fuel. Ideally, your body utilizes sugar mostly only in times of stress and for higher intensity bouts of exercise. As far as storage sites go, carbohydrates (stored as glycogen,) are stored in liver and muscle—but only in limited amounts. These storage sites are indicative of their metabolic purpose. When blood sugar is running low, the liver will break down its glycogen to maintain a stable glucose supply to the brain. When quick energy is needed, muscles call on glycogen for the extra demand. The average person can only store about 1300-2000 calories of glycogen. As glycogen becomes depleted, fatigue sets in and you head to the vending machine trying to replenish your diminished supplies.

What is the best fat burning exercise?

Once you have determined your fuel source, you must ask your body to rely on fat. Do this by limiting excess sugar and carbohydrate. The body will preferentially burn what it’s accustomed to burning; so by limiting the carbohydrate, your body will revert back to fat metabolism. In addition, stay away from higher intensity exercises, at least in the first stages. By staying in fully aerobic exercise, your body will train itself to use fat as fuel and create an “aerobic base.” Once developing your aerobic base and you bring back the high intensity exercise, you will actually still be able to burn a higher percentage of fat.

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