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“Too often however, the urgency to get fit quick leads to poor results and injury as we try to play catch up with overzealous workouts and ill-advised dieting. The most common mistake is to turn to the unscientific, but none the less popular, “all out” workouts to make up for lost time. These programs often lead to injury, burnout and rebound weight gain.” Robert Forster

If you want your workouts to be 100% productive, and your nutrition tailored to your personal physiology, then all your health and fitness efforts should begin with metabolic analysis. Metabolic testing unlocks the secrets held in the individual physiology of each of our clients and is crucial to our success in helping people of all ages and abilities reach peak fitness and optimum body weight.

Many clients come to us in frustration because they have reduced their calorie intake and increased their training, but are still unable to achieve the body they desire. At this point, they are consuming fewer calories than their body needs for basic systems function, forcing their metabolism to slow to an idle to conserve every calorie consumed. The result is a sluggish metabolism that stores fat instead of burning it for energy.


  • Poor daily nutrition habits
  • Working harder and harder, not smarter
  • Too many intense workouts creating a metabolism dependent on carbohydrates not fats
  • Calorie restriction causing your metabolism to idle
  • Ill advised training programs dictated by whim and not science

Training for a 5k, half marathon, marathon, triathlon or other endurance event?

Taking part in Tough Mudder or Rat Race type of event?

Playing ball sports etc

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