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Training Series for Runners

Whether you achieved your goal time in your last event or failed to finish in good form, it’s time to assess your performance and make adjustments in your training to maintain progression. The most common problems encountered in the marathon and long training runs include joint pain, gastro-intestinal distress, muscle cramping and energy crash.  If you have suffered these issues you are not alone but you can rest assured solutions are at hand when you follow the science.

The fitness gains from the efforts of your last long run will evolve over time if you allow for recovery and so it’s time to figure what’s next. The short answer is a training method known as Periodization training which utilizes heart rate specific training and recovery in order to avoid most common training errors, burnout and injury. If your goal is to reach your highest potential as a runner only workouts at the appropriate intensity will produce the results you strive for. Discover how metabolic testing will diagnose your current fitness and illuminate the path to improvement. Similarly, structural analysis and run gait evaluation will produce real data and actionable solutions to your physical problems.

At this lecture you will learn:

  • How to maximize your time and efforts, by training smarter not harder.
  • How heart rate testing & training will improve your fitness & performance.
  • Periodization method of training to peak for your next event.
  • How a home strength and flexibility program can make you faster and keep you healthy.
  • How to scientifically calculate your caloric and hydration requirements to avoid cramping, bonking and fading at the end of long efforts.
  • How inadequate recovery from hard workouts actually makes you gain weight.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 9th at 6:30pm

WHERE: Top to Top – 2621 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica

Call 310.582.8212