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Interactive Nutrition for Runners Seminar

Learn the Science used by the world’s best runners for consistently great performances. Are you in LA, Santa Monica, Encino?

What you eat and drink during training effects the benefits derived from each training session.  Metabolic efficiencyis facilitated by proper hydration and nutrition during your training runs andin your daily diet.

What you don’t know can sabotage your training and result in a miserable time come race day!  The most common problem in all Runners is an improper hydration and nutrition schedule.  Often overlooked and misunderstood what you provide for muscle energy is vital to your success as an athlete.

How do you know what to buy, when to take it and how to make foods yourself?  Let our sports nutritional experts give you the knowledge to confident and successful in training, racing and recovery.  Representatives from Whole Foods will be on hand and provide refreshments as well.

Metabolic Efficiency

To be successful at the marathon distance you must train your body to burn fats i.e. BECOME A BETTER BUTTER BURNER! Heart rate training is essential to developing Metabolic Efficiency . We will teach you to train smarter NOT harder and make all your workouts 100% productive.

Nutrition and Hydration Optimization

Whether you want to lose weight, put on muscle or simply run the fastest marathon your genetics will allow your nutrition must support your workouts, competitions, and your lifestyle!  We use real science, not gimmicks or fads to zero in on your personal needs.  At Phase IV we utilize resting metabolic rate testing and VO2 testing to determine precisely the most effective nutrition and hydration program available based on the number of calories your metabolism burns during exercise and your lifestyle!

The time to figure out the best mix of calories and fluids for your personal physiology is now!

At this lecture you will learn:

  • How to specifically calculate your caloric needs for training, racing and for life!
  • How proper nutrition can create the fitness needed to complete the marathon in good form
  • How to use your training efforts to arrive at your optimal body weight
  • How to recover from hard training make the most improvements
  • Why your bars & gels may be making you fat
  • How to create the mean and lean runner’s body
  • The Science of Recovery

Presented by Holly Perry, Exercise Physiologist – Holly has a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Indiana University and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Holly is also member of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 16th at 7:00pm

WHERE: FLEET FEET SPORTS – 16545 Ventura Blvd. in Encino

RSVP: Email us at [email protected] or call 310.582.8212