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Scott Jorgensen – My journey to 125lb Flyweight division.

A look into the science of Robert Forster and his Phase  IV  Training and Performance Centre and how they made Scott Jorgensen a 125lber. “Thanks to Bob and Aishea for their science and everything they have helped me realize. Train smarter”

Scott Roger Jorgensen is an American mixed martial artist currently competing in the UFC.

Joe Warren – MMA Fighter – The Science Behind The Training

Joe Warren, MMA fighter speaks on Spike TV’s Unrivaled series about using the science,  developed by Robert Forster  a world class exercise physiologist, to peak his fitness for his next fight. For example, better fat utilisation so using less lactic acid.

“The world of mixed martial arts is just now facing the fact that the constant, hard nosed training, that characterized combat sport preparation for centuries, is out dated and counter productive,” says Phase IV Founder and CEO, Robert Forster PT, himself a former NCAA wrestler and coach. “The belief that because fighting and wrestling are the most physically demanding endeavors known to man, they require a constant diet of high intensity training is a recipe that causes over training and injury. Our work with other elite and Olympic athletes shows us there is  a smarter and more scientific way to train.”

MMA Training Science

Whilist MMA is a high intensity sports it doesnt require training that is high intensity all the time.  Periodization training builds fitness in a rational sequence. Get fit and lose body fat for a fight. Works on the fat burning metabolism. This training allows the fighters to burn fat at a high intensity rather than carbs thereby proudcing less lactic acid.

Combat sports get more scientific in their training, the same periodization training  that goes into the developement of the 24 Fit Workouts DVDs.