Reach your highest athletic potential with periodization training

What is the secret to training to avoid injury and peak when it counts? The answer is periodization. Russian physiologist Leo Metveyev and Romanian sport scientist Tudor Bompa have been regarded as the fathers of modern periodization. To train and compete at the best of your ability, and to do it with the least amount of injury, fatigue and worry, nothing compares to Periodization.

This stair-step training plan ramps your training up safely and leaves you primed to fly. If you just want to stay in shape and don’t care about getting faster or losing large chunks of time to nagging injuries, then continue to train without a plan. But if you want to improve your fitness, stop getting injured, and give yourself the best chance to reach your highest athletic potential, listen to Be at your Peak when it Counts. Join Dr. Ivan Huergo and Robert Forster as they discuss strategies for you to resolve pain, improve sport performance, and help you move through life with strength and confidence.

In 1980, Robert Forster started his physical therapy business with a single client who would be later known throughout the world for her Olympic gold medal achievements- Florence Griffith Joyner. Working with dozens of Olympic medalists, US Open & Wimbledon champions, NBA superstars and triathlon world record holders, Forster encountered countless ill-advised and erroneous training programs that actually caused injury, and didn’t result in improvement.

Robert Forster developed the 24 Fit Workout

Listen to the introduction, then Robert Forster contribution starts at 10.05

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